On this page, you can see all my upcoming events. If you are attending one of my signings and want to preorder any books from me, you can do so here.

Here are the events currently planned:

APRIL 21-22, 2023

LoveNSeattle 2023

I can’t wait to visit Seattle and attend this signing in April 2023.

APRIL 27-30, 2023

ApollyCon 2023

I am really excited to be signing again at ApollyCon, 2023, and to further explore the amazing Washington, D.C.

JUNE 2023


I am thrilled to be signing at BABE, 2023, and I’m delighted to revisit Sydney. The fam is coming on this trip too, and we are hoping to travel the beautiful Australian countryside after the event.

June 23-24, 2023

Book Bonanza ’23

I’m thrilled to be signing at Book Bonanza in Texas June 2023! Tickets go on sale September 15th. Join their Facebook group for more information

July 8, 2023


October 28, 2023

British Book Bash 2023

I am excited to be signing at an event close to home in October 2023.

APRIL 2024

Hard Rock Author Event

I am delighted to be signing at Tulsa Hard Rock Author Event 2024, and I’m really looking forward to visiting Tulsa, OK for the first time.

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