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Updated: April 2024

Why aren’t all the Kennedy Boys books on Audible?

I sold the rights to Audible a few years ago, and they passed on the later books. I have plans to release the entire series in Audible when I recover my rights, but I can’t confirm any publication dates except it’s unlikely to be before 2026.

Why aren’t the other Alinthia books on Audible?

Audible bought the rights to the first two books and then passed on the rest of the series. If the series sells better in the future, I may have the funds to self-publish the other titles myself. As of now, there are no plans to publish the rest of these books in audio.

Are all your books on Audible?

Not all of them, but my most popular series are. I am slowly working my way through self-publishing my back list too. As of April 2024, I have 44 titles in audio format.

What is happening with the final Alinthia book? When is The Rightful Queen releasing?

I don’t have a release date for the fifth and final Alinthia book yet. I have spoken extensively on social media, in my newsletter, and in my Facebook group about my struggles to finish this series. The characters are not speaking to me, so I made the tough decision to put it aside for the moment. I have tried three times to write this book and I am not happy with what I have written. I don’t control my muse; it controls me, and the brutal truth is other characters and stories have demanded space in my head, drowning out these voices. I will never force a story for the sake of completing a series. To do that would be an injustice to my readers and the characters. I have to wait for it to flow naturally. I will finish the series, and I trust the characters will start speaking to me again. I just can’t tell you when that will be. I apologize for any disappointment and thank my readers for their patience and understanding.

Why are the Alinthia books no longer on Amazon?

I decided to unpublish my Alinthia series until I am in a position to complete it. When I have written The Rightful Queen, I will republish the entire series at the same time.

Are you releasing a book about Natalia’s stepsons?

Yes! The Accardi Twins Duet will release on May 31st 2024. Both books in the duet will be published on this day so you can binge read to your heart’s content! You can add them to your TBR shelf on Goodreads now. Add book 1 here. Add book 2 here. You can preorder them from Amazon. Preorder book 1 here. Preorder book 2 here.

When is The Accardi Twins releasing?

See answer above.

What is The Hate I Feel, and where can I read it?

The Hate I Feel is a short story I released in the Hot Summer School Nights anthology, and it featured the two missing Anderson brothers from my Rydeville Elite Series. A fleshed-out, full-length version released this month. You can download the book here.

Is Hate is All I Feel the same as The Hate I Feel?

No. Hate is All I Feel is the German version of Cruel Intentions. The Hate I Feel is the missing Anderson brothers story and is a completely different book.

When is Drew releasing?

Drew is releasing May 9th, 2024. You can preorder the final book in the Rydeville Elite series on Amazon. Click here or check your local store.

Is Sydney Shaw from Sawyer getting a book?

Tell It to My Heart is Sydney’s book! It is free if you are a newsletter subscriber or available to purchase in ebook, model paperback, audiobook and hardcover, from Amazon and other retailers. Click here for more information.

Are you writing any more books in the Rydeville Elite Series?

See the answer above. Drew and The Hate I Feel are the last two books in the series.

Are you writing books for Bree, Knight, or Baz from your Dirty Crazy Bad Duet?

Currently, I have no plans to write more in this world. However, I never say never, and I may revisit this world in the future.

Are Hadley and Hudson from The One I Want getting a book?

I have no concrete plans; however, I left it open on purpose so I may write their story at some future point if they start talking to me. I definitely think their romance would be an interesting one!

When is Hewson releasing?

Hewson is now a duet and while I was originally planning to publish it in 2024, it is on hold for the moment. I hope to release it sometime in 2025.

Are you planning to write more next-gen books for other Kennedy kids?

Hewson will be a next-gen new adult romance duet and it’s slated to release in 2025. It features Lana and Kalvin’s son, Hewson. Currently, I don’t have plans to write about any of the other Kennedy kids, but I never say never! Inspiration can strike at any time!

Are you planning to write a next-gen series for your Sainthood or Rydeville Elite series?

I don’t have any current plans. If that changes, I will let my readers know.

Are you going to write a story for Tabs from Incognito?

Not at this time.

Are you going to write any more books in your All of Me series?

Dillon is coming in December 2024! This will be mostly brand-new content showing scenes we didn’t see in Say I’m the One, Let Me Love You, and Hold Me Close. Dillon is available to preorder here.

I may write next-gen stand-alone stories for Easton and Bodhi, but nothing is set in stone, and I already have a full writing schedule for 2024.

Where can I find details about your next new release?

  • Check out the release calendar on my website here.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter here.
  • Join my reader’s group on Facebook here.

I can’t find the bonus content for a particular book. How do I access it?

There is a link at the back of each book to any bonus content that exists. You click on that link, fill in your details and click submit.

I can’t download the bonus content. What do I do?

If you have clicked on the link, filled in your details and clicked claim/submit and the file doesn’t appear in your inbox within a few minutes, do the following:

  1. Check your junk or spam folder to see if the email went there.
  2. If the answer is no to 1 above, please email and they will help you. You must mention which bonus content you are looking to download and email them from the email address you cited in the form.
  3. Prolific Works customer support is fantastic, but in the event they don’t resolve your issue, please email Siobhan’s business manager-slash-sister – or Siobhan’s marketing manager-slash-hubby –
  4. The Tell It to My Heart free ebook is delivered via Book Funnel. Here are instructions for downloading it.

Is there a reading order for your books and where can I find it?

You can find a recommended reading order here.

Do you have a reading checklist?

Yes. You can download and print a reading checklist here.

How do I purchase your book/s in hardback?

We are working on publishing hardback versions of my books in 2023. They will be available on Amazon and other retail stores. The links will be available on my website as they become available so check the individual books pages for more information.

How can I order books for my library/bookstore?

Most all of my romance books are available to purchase on Ingram now, with the final titles being added in the next month to two months.

How can I order an OG or alternate paperback?

I have some alternate covers available on Amazon and some other online retailers. Either, check this page on my website or go to my Amazon profile page here, select paperback and scroll to the very bottom of the page to see the list of alternate cover paperbacks available.

Do you have a spoiler group?

  • I have a main spoiler group on Facebook here.
  • I have a dedicated spoiler group for my All of Me Series on FB here.
  • I have a dedicated spoiler group for my Sainthood & Dirty Crazy Bad series on FB here.

Do you require reviewers for upcoming books?

I open a sign-up form for my main review team and my audio review team a few times a year. I share the link in my reader’s group and in my newsletter. If you are interested in being an ARC reader, you can email my PA –

Do you have to be a blogger to sign up for the review team?

You don’t have to be a blogger, bookstagrammer, or booktoker to apply to join my main review team. As long as you can review on Goodreads and Amazon, you can apply. I look for readers who have already been reviewing my books, so if you want to be in with a good chance of snagging a spot on either review team, I encourage you to review on Amazon/Goodreads/Audible/BookBub.

Do you have an influencer or street team?

Not anymore. If this changes, I will let you know.

Can I purchase your books on iTunes?

Only my audiobooks are available on iTunes. Tell It to My Heart and Holding on to Forever are the only ebooks I currently have available to purchase on iTunes/iBooks.

Why are your ebooks only available on Amazon?

As an author, if you enroll books in the Kindle Unlimited program they must be exclusive to Amazon. What that means is, I am not permitted to publish my ebooks on any other store if they are in KU. Zon rules, not mine!

Where can I buy signed books?

Right now, there is no facility to purchase signed books; however, I am working on a new store, and I hope to be in a position to offer signed books in due course.

Do you have a merchandise store?

Not yet, though we are planning to offer merch in the future.

Where can I buy swag? Where can I get my hands on those Sainthood character cards?

At the moment, you can’t buy swag. In time, it will be available to purchase from my store. When I attend a signing, I bring a ton of swag with me that is complimentary for visitors at my table or with preorders purchased from me before the event. Check out the events page on my website for details of my future signings here.

What book signings are you attending?

You can check out the list of my signings on my website here.

Can I preorder books for a signing you are attending?

Yes. It is actively encouraged as I don’t bring many additional copies for general sale to events. You can preorder books for any of my signings here.

Can I bring my own books to a signing for you to sign?

Absolutely! I prefer readers to bring their own books or preorder as I don’t have many additional books with me on the day.

Will you have books for sale at a book signing event?

I will have a VERY limited supply of my most popular books at events. If you want to be guaranteed a particular book, I recommend you preorder it from me or bring it with you for signing on the day.

If I preorder books for a signing, when will I be invoiced?

Approximately two months before the event. My business manager will reach out to you to confirm your order before we invoice you so you can add or remove books then.

If I preorder books for a signing, and I can’t attend, can I ask a friend to pick them up for me?

Yes, that is no problem as long as you give us the name of the person collecting your order in advance. There is a limit of 5 books where you are not collecting them in person yourself.

If I don’t collect my books at a signing, what happens?

You must reach out to my business manager, and we can discuss shipping the books to you. However, in this incidence the cost of shipping will be borne by the person who preordered the books. If you are in the US, we can ship them inexpensively via media mail.

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