Release Date: May 9, 2024

Mistakes and secrets.

My life is littered with them.

And it’s not always me who pays the price.

So, I do something I swore I wouldn’t do—become the monster my father raised me to be.

To shield my loved ones from the predators I hunt, I keep family and friends in the dark, but I won’t apologize for protecting them.

I do what needs to be done, and I’ve accepted my fate.

My heart is an impenetrable fortress now, and my only pleasure comes from anonymous encounters in the private dungeon of a club where I unleash my inner beast.

Years have passed, but my thirst for vengeance never dies.

I’ll tear the world apart to find the answers I seek.

No one will stop me from having my revenge.

Including the woman who took a wrecking ball to my heart.

Loving me hasn’t ended well in the past. Why would this time be any different?

This is not a stand-alone romance and must be read as part of the series. Contains dark themes which may be triggering for some readers. 

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